Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reaching 4 weeks..

Oh my...It has been reaching 4 weeks since I left Malaysia..I can say that I am starting to feel emotionally unstable..seriously!!.As for now, I feel very easy to piss off about anything that not done according to what I expected..and this is not good...

I have another 3 weeks until my rotation is finished..3 weeks is too long..and I can't wait any longer!!!

I hope I can go to the rig anytime soon because I know if I went to the rig the time will fly very fast and without noticing it I will be reaching to the end of my rotation and go home..I want to cuddle my Emir and spend my time with him..kalau la I ada "pintu-suka-hati" macam Doraemon kan best...I can be in two places in within any seconds!..

I have tried to keep myself busy like playing tennis and do some work out so that I could shift my mind from keep on thinking about going home..but after certain period of time I will keep thinking about going home again...

Now I have to figure out about something that is fun and keep me busy without thinking about going home which not really happening anytime window-shopping perhaps?? since I can't go out from the camp freely, it is good to feast my eyes and my desire with something nice and something that I know by the time I go home I will get it, touch it and wear it...hehehe..

On top of all that, actually I miss this handsome little guy so much...

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